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How to Choose a Good AED

AED saves lives, simple as that. Automated External Defibrillator or more popularly known as AED is a handy device that checks the heart rhythm and sends an electric shock to the heart and attempt to restore a normal rhythm. Its primary usage is to treat sudden cardiac arrest. Therefore it is critical to consider every aspect before buying one. This is to assure that it would do its function well; otherwise, all will be a complete ravage.

We had a collaboration to come up with this article which could help you choose the best AED that suits you, your loved ones or the patients of the facility you work in.

  1. Do not just look at the initial price but take into consideration the total expenses you will incur throughout its lifetime. This includes the cost of its parts like the battery and pads. You need to know how long they will last and how often do you have to change them. This will also give you a sense of preparedness so as for the device to serve you well. Also, make sure to know the length and coverage of the device’s warranty.
  2. Aside from doing its primary function, what else can it do? Choose an AED that would assist you depending on your medical knowledge of your condition. If you are medical savvy, a simpler AED would be preferable but in cases where in you need some instructions on how to perform some tasks, a more variant AED is recommended.
  3. Ease of Use. Choose an AED simple enough to be used by anyone in preparation for any unexpected emergencies. There will be times where it can automatically do the shock or you can but there might be times where in an inexperienced person needs to perform it. In these cases, they should be able to follow easy instructions for competence.
  4. Amount of Support. You definitely need to find out how far the manufacturer can assist you once the purchase has been made. Check on their service plans, whether it is affordable or helpful enough. You need to know how their Customer Service works in case you have to call them in deplorable hours and how fast they can respond to your need.
  5. Product Specifications. It is necessary to know the quality of your AED’s parts for you to have proper expectations. Know what kind of pads are installed and if they are readily available for replacement if need arises. It is also good to know if the device is water resistance.

This is a vital factor especially if your lifestyle includes getting exposed in the water for certain periods of time.

It is important to think thrice, analyze well and familiarize yourself with the AED of your choice before purchasing since its usage is always a matter of life and death. Try to consider and balance every single factor in order to get the most efficient one for your needs or your patients’.

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