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The Truth About Keto Diet

A ketogenic diet or keto diet for short is noted for being a low carbohydrate diet, wherein your body generates ketones in your liver to be utilized as energy. This kind of diet has many diverse names such as low carb high fat diet or LCHF, low carb diet, ketogenic diet etc. If you eat foods rich in carbohydrates, your body will generate insulin and glucose.

Glucose is a molecule that can be converted by your body to utilize as energy easily. Insulin is generated to process this glucose in the bloodstream through taking it all over your body. Given that glucose is used as a main energy, body fats aren’t required and are so stored. Usually on a higher carb diet, your body will utilize glucose as the primary type of energy.

Through minimizing the consumption of carbohydrates, your body is induced into a condition called as ketosis.

What is Ketosis?

This is your body’s natural process helping you to survive if food consumption is low. During the state of ketosis, your body generates ketones that are generated from breaking down of fats in your liver. The goal of a well maintained ketogenic diet is to oblige the body to reach this metabolic state. This can be obtained by means of starvation of carbs and not of calories.

Your body is adaptive to the foods you consume- once you overload your body with fats and cart off carbs, it will start to burn ketones as the main source of energy. Best ketone levels provide weight loss, health, mental and physical benefits.

What Can You Consume On A Keto Diet?

A keto diet is essentially a diet that converts the body from burning sugar to burning fat. Around 99 percent of the world’s population has a diet that causes the body to shed sugar. Thus, carbs are the main source of energy used after digesting carbohydrates. This process makes people gain weight, but a diet of fat and ketones will cause burning of fat. In this kind of diet, you will eat up to 30 to 50 grams of carbohydrates a day.

The Significance Of Sugar Precaution On The Keto Diet

Keto changes the body from a sugar burner to burner of fat by means of getting rid of dietary sugar that comes from carbs. The first apparent reduction you must do from your present diet is sugar and sweet foods. Even if sugar is a definite target for cutting, the keto diet focuses on the limitation of carbs. You have to watch out for sugar in many diverse kinds of nutrients and foods. Though a white potato that is rich in carb might not taste sweet to you like sugar, but if this goes to your bloodstream after digestion, those carbohydrates add simple sugar called glucose to your system. The reality is, your body can just store so much glucose prior to dumping it elsewhere in your body. Too much glucose becomes what is called fat that gathers in your belly, love handles, legs and various parts of the body.

Protein and its Place in Ketogenic Diet

Protein is one source of carb that a number of people take for granted in their diet. Overconsumption of protein according to the tolerance level of the body will lead to weight gain. As your body converts excess protein into sugar, you should moderate the level of protein you eat. Moderation of protein consumption is part of how to consume ketogenic and lose fat. First and foremost, know your own tolerance level in protein and utilize as a guide to keep an optimal ingestion of the nutrient. Secondly, pick your protein from foods like grass fed meats and organic cage free eggs. Last but not the least, make meals in variety which are delicious and keep your interested in the diet. Like for instance, a five ounce steak and a couple of eggs can give a perfect amount of daily protein for some people.

Caloric Ingestion on The Keto Diet

One essential consideration for what you can consume on this kind of diet is calories. Energy came from the calories in the food you eat helps the body to keep functional. Hence, you should eat sufficient amount of calories so as to meet your daily nutritional needs. Counting calories is a trouble for a lot of people who are following other diets. However, as a keto dieter, worry no more about calorie counting. A lot of people on a low carb diet stay satisfied through eating a daily amount of 1500-1700kcals in calories.

Fats, The Good and The Bad

A lot of people thought that fat is bad, well it is not the case at all times. As a matter of fact, a lot of good healthy fats exist in whole foods like seeds, nuts, and olive oil. Healthy fats are vital part of the keto diet and are accessible as snacks, spreads and toppings. Misconception when it comes to eating fat is that a high level of it is not healthy and causes obesity or weight gain. While both statements are true, the fat which you consume isn’t the real cause of the fat that appears on the body. Instead, sugar from every nutrient you consume is what the fat you see on your belly and other parts of the body.

Balance Your Nutrients Intelligently

Digestions cause the sugars you consume to absorb into your bloodstream and the excess amount transfer into your fat cells. High protein and high carbohydrate eating will lead to excess body fat as there’s sugar content in these nutrients. Therefore, too much eating of any nutrient is not healthy and causes obesity or weight gain. However, a healthy diet consisting of a balance of fats, carbs and protein according to the tolerance levels of your system.

Health Advantages on a Keto Diet

  • Keto diet is helpful in getting rid of illnesses associated to blood sugar like diabetes.
  • Minimizing risk factors of heart illness, including enhancement in Triglycerides, HDL cholesterol and LDL cholesterol.
  • Less hunger
  • Minimizing skin inflammation and lesions
  • Prevent seizure, most especially kids suffering from epilepsy
  • you can use products such as it works keto coffee;

Just about anyone can accomplish a keto diet with enough effort and persistence. What is more, you can moderate a number of bodily conditions naturally with keto. Elevated blood sugar, insulin resistance, obesity, type II diabetes are only some health conditions that keto diet help to stabilize. All in all, this diet provides life changing benefits.



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7 Factors in Choosing the Best Whey Protein Part

There are many brands of whey protein available and you could find yourself in overwhelm trying to identify which is the best whey protein to get. I would suggest that as you set out to select a whey protein, that you consider these seven factors to help you make your decision.

Here are 7 factors that you should consider while choosing the best protein supplement…

1. Overall Quality

Whey Protein powders are not all the same. The quality of the whey protein in the end product can be affected by factors such as the source of the milk (the diet and care of the cows producing the milk), the type of cheese from which the whey is derived, the manufacturer’s   processing method and individual  specifications, which include the nature of any additional ingredients, such as vitamins, making up the final formula. It is particularly important to avoid buying a brand that uses high temperatures in processing and manufacturing the whey protein. This denatures the protein and it cannot then provide the benefits you are looking for. The better processes for capturing whey protein include micro-filtration and ion-exchange.

Manufacturers of quality products will boldly declaring key features about how they make their product, and why this is a benefit to you, the consumer. They want to educate you and persuade you choose their product as the best whey protein supplement above others in the market, so they need legitimate reasons. So look for and take notice of manufacturers claims about superior processing and quality. You may want to do a bit more research on their claims, in order to judge if they are credible. You can easily do this by looking for testimonials from other users, speaking to people at your local gym to see what they use, ringing the manufacturer, or researching other credible sites on line.

2. Price Range and Value for Money

To determine a realistic price and value comparison you need to look at several factors, such as the amount of protein and the number of serves in the product. The old adage, ‘you get what you pay for’, can apply with finding the best whey protein. The way the protein has been processed is important and will affect the price. A superior manufacturing process that preserves the quality of the whey protein may cost more in equipment or labour or both.

A product priced low compared to other whey protein products, may be an indicator that the protein has been prepared through a cheaper manufacturing process with the detriment of denaturing the protein…

Servings Per Container – In deciding on the best whey protein powder for yourself, also consider the number of servings in the container. You will need to make a judgment between the number of serves, the serving size and grams of protein.

3. Grams of Protein per Serving

Check how many grams of protein are in a serve. Be alert in comparing serving sizes. A serving size may appear to promote high protein content, but if the serving size is say, twice as big as comparison products, you are not going to get good value for your money. Best protein cookies, for example can contain up to 10g of protein per serving while protein shakes can contain 30g of protein per serving.

protein cookies

Observe the types of protein in the product. Is it just whey protein concentrate, or is it 100% whey protein isolate. Whey protein isolate being a purer form, may cost more per gram than a whey protein mixture. If you have reasons for choosing whey protein isolate then you may not mind paying a higher amount.

4. Carb Grams Per Serving

You will also want to check out the type and quantity of carbohydrates in the product. The carb serving size you will want depends on the type of results you want to achieve. If you are trying to build muscle whilst maintaining your weight/fat percentage, then you should look for a medium serve of carbs. If your goal is to build muscle and lose fat, then you will want a low carb serve. You will have to read labels and do some comparisons in making your selection.

The next factor to consider is the type of carbs in the product. The product as a whole should have a low glycaemic index for healthy blood sugar levels. Is it important to you for your product to have a good proportion of high quality carbs while being low in sugar? Some products may have a smaller amount of carbs, and it is mainly the sugar component for sweetening.

5. Sweetening Agent

Remember that sugar is a carb, and you want to see a breakdown on the nutrition label to see how much of the carb serving is sugar. Remember sugar goes by different names depending on its source. Sucrose is sugar from sugar cane. Fructose is sugar from fruit, and lactose is sugar from milk. Often nutrition labels will use these names, rather than say the word ‘Sugar’.

Despite the different names they are all sugar. Some people prefer a small amount of sugar because it is natural, rather than an artificial sweetener.

Check and observe whether sugar has been used as the sweetening agent, or an artificial sweetener has been used. If an artificial sweetener has been used, the product will be lower carbs which you may be looking for. However, it depends on your stand on the benefits verses any adverse health effects of the artificial sweetener. For example, is it important to you not to use Aspartame? If so, obviously you will look for a product that is Aspartame free.

6. Fat Grams and Cholesterol Component Per Serving

Generally whey protein powders are low in fat, but it something worthwhile considering when choosing the best whey protein for you. Also look at the cholesterol component of the total fat score. Cholesterol, a type of fat, is something you may want to look at if you are aware that you already have a high cholesterol reading. You may want to minimise the sources of cholesterol in the food you eat if you are on a reduced fat diet.

There is no cholesterol in plants or plant foods. Cholesterol is found in animals and food from animal sources. So milk contains cholesterol, and the whey derived from milk is likely to have some cholesterol, and ranges vary widely between whey protein products.

If your goal is to lose fat and become leaner, you will want to choose whey protein products that are low in fat and low in cholesterol.

7. The Sensory Factors

These may be hard to judge until after you have purchased a product, unless you can get a free sample. Your personal sensory values will influence whether you continue to use a whey protein powder after you have bought it – factors such as mixability, taste and texture. So as you first begin to use your new whey protein supplement, be consciously aware and make a judgment on the following factors:

  • Mix-ability – where you want a product that mixes and dissolves thoroughly, preferably with a shaker or a spoon/fork. Look at the products clumpiness, stickiness and foam. You don’t want to get out your electric blender in order to get all the lumps out!
  • Taste – good to you? Don’t necessarily pay credence to what others say about a products taste. Everyone’s taste preferences are different. Do you like it? (If you don’t like it, give it to a friend or maybe you can mix it into other everyday recipes you prepare.)
  • Texture, whether we prefer and whether the product is supposed to be, thick and creamy or more watery and thin, grainy or smooth.


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How to Choose a Good AED

AED saves lives, simple as that. Automated External Defibrillator or more popularly known as AED is a handy device that checks the heart rhythm and sends an electric shock to the heart and attempt to restore a normal rhythm. Its primary usage is to treat sudden cardiac arrest. Therefore it is critical to consider every aspect before buying one. This is to assure that it would do its function well; otherwise, all will be a complete ravage.

We had a collaboration to come up with this article which could help you choose the best AED that suits you, your loved ones or the patients of the facility you work in.

  1. Do not just look at the initial price but take into consideration the total expenses you will incur throughout its lifetime. This includes the cost of its parts like the battery and pads. You need to know how long they will last and how often do you have to change them. This will also give you a sense of preparedness so as for the device to serve you well. Also, make sure to know the length and coverage of the device’s warranty.
  2. Aside from doing its primary function, what else can it do? Choose an AED that would assist you depending on your medical knowledge of your condition. If you are medical savvy, a simpler AED would be preferable but in cases where in you need some instructions on how to perform some tasks, a more variant AED is recommended.
  3. Ease of Use. Choose an AED simple enough to be used by anyone in preparation for any unexpected emergencies. There will be times where it can automatically do the shock or you can but there might be times where in an inexperienced person needs to perform it. In these cases, they should be able to follow easy instructions for competence.
  4. Amount of Support. You definitely need to find out how far the manufacturer can assist you once the purchase has been made. Check on their service plans, whether it is affordable or helpful enough. You need to know how their Customer Service works in case you have to call them in deplorable hours and how fast they can respond to your need.
  5. Product Specifications. It is necessary to know the quality of your AED’s parts for you to have proper expectations. Know what kind of pads are installed and if they are readily available for replacement if need arises. It is also good to know if the device is water resistance.

This is a vital factor especially if your lifestyle includes getting exposed in the water for certain periods of time.

It is important to think thrice, analyze well and familiarize yourself with the AED of your choice before purchasing since its usage is always a matter of life and death. Try to consider and balance every single factor in order to get the most efficient one for your needs or your patients’.

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